CEO Message

        Welcome to our website “Rough Seas Ship Chandlers LLC”. We have completed our one year of successful operation with more than 150 deliveries to our customers in the Gulf region. I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to our customers, suppliers and most importantly to all of my staff who made this possible.
As all startup business goes through the hurdle which we were not being exempted, all kind of rejection, denial and complaints taught as an important lesson of business “Learn to lead”. We thanks to those who made some lights on our internal process by the way of complaints and suggestion.
To ease those efforts, we simplified the process in our web by the way of “Complaints & Suggestion” where each of your valuable comments will give us chance to serve you in a better way; Sure we will find out the best solution irrespective of the degree of complex involved in your complaints.
As this sector is a competitive one, we hope that our approach and quality check in terms of cost, quality and time will put us one step ahead of our competitors.
Our small service at each ship calling in the Gulf region is our short term target.

company logo “We Deliver What We Commit”